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It is required to write term papers on practically all specialties in institutions of higher and specialized secondary education. They are considered the result of student learning activities, proof of knowledge gained over the semester. How to write a term paper on your own: make up the content, issue a title page, footnotes, a list of references and applications will tell this article.

One of the main requirements put forward to coursework is compliance with the minimum allowable volume. It depends on the following factors:

• specialty (technical or humanitarian);

• teacher preferences;

• The course of Study;

• disclosed topic.

For example, students of the Faculty of History and Philosophy do not need to write a term paper by expanding the main theses to more than 20 pages of printed text. However, economic or technical disciplines require greater disclosure of the topic, taking into account the practical application (graphs, tables, charts, etc.). Therefore, in order to correctly write the coursework and open the topic is required from 25-30 pages.

Pages are numbered starting from the title page, but the number is not written on it. Standard sections of the document (introduction, conclusion, list of references, chapters of the main part) are located on separate sheets.

A separate requirement is made by uniqueness term paper. It is checked automatically using special programs. There is no general standard that establishes a specific figure of uniqueness for all course projects, so teachers usually make demands themselves (for example, at least 70% according to the results of plagiarism checks). Improving the originality of the work is easy if you write it in your own words. For example, in reasoning on philosophy or sociology, there is an opportunity to rephrase the text so that the verification program shows a good result.

Course work begins with a title page. The title page of the course paper, as well as the title page of the essay, should be designed according to the requirements of the university, its example can be found in the guidelines issued for the course work. If the manual is not, then you can issue a title page according to GOST.

To write a term paper on the “excellent”, a lot of attention should be paid to the design of the content. Plan a term paper (project) – is a short list of all its sections and chapters of the main part on a separate sheet.

When drawing up a plan, keep in mind that each subsequent chapter in its title and content is logically linked to the previous one. At the end of the work, the finished document should remain a single whole and not a collection of disparate articles.

Depending on the requirements for work, you can divide the main part into two chapters: theory and practice. The chapters can be distinguished in content with Roman numerals, while paragraphs will be numbered Arabic. Such a division simplifies reading and analysis of the work and shows that you really considered all aspects of a given topic.