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When mentioning legislation, books, articles, archival documents follow these rules:

Official state documents

First, the kind of document is written: decree, order, law, article, etc.

In quotes indicate the full rank, date, and number of the decree, orders, articles of the law, that is, the date of their signing.

At the end indicate who was adopted and signed the document.

Books in accordance with the rules of GOST and VAK

One-volume editions mention, starting with the author’s last name, after which the name of the book is written, for example, Krasnova L.P. Textbook for universities. If there are several authors, their names are written with a slash “/”.

For multi-volume publications after the author’s full name and title indicate the volume number.

Publications that do not have authors write, starting with the title, for example, “Illustrated Dictionary of the English Language” – M. 2003.

The list is allowed to mention their own works if the text contains references and footnotes according to GOST. For published monographs, the name of the printed publication, the year of publication and the page of the journal are also indicated.

Articles and theses published in magazines, collections, newspapers:

Full name of the author, name, and patronymic abbreviated.

Article title.

The name of the print edition (through a slash).

Year of issue.

Magazine page.

The word “article” before the title is not written.

Electronic resources (base of the RSL, websites, web pages)

Author (full name).

Subject or title of the material.

Place and year of publication.

The words “electronic resource” in square brackets.

As a note after the colon can be specified: the necessary software, information about the availability of the resource, the updated date, e-mail address.

Archival documents that are mentioned in the thesis are written on the model of state documents. Reprinted books, magazines, textbooks mention with information relating to processing, additions, repetition.

How many literary sources should be in the dissertation?

The number of literary sources in the dissertation

If the design of references in the master’s thesis is strictly regulated, then there are no approved rules regarding the amount of literature used. On average, the list is selected based on their number of pages in the dissertation – at least 100 for master’s work, 150 or more for Ph.D., up to 600 for doctoral.

The search can be conducted both in the library of the research institute or university and with the help of Internet resources.